Laserskater playing an upright piano as Veyot reclines on top of the piano and sings Memphis

E is for Egypt


Memphis (Arabic: منف‎ Manf pronounced [mænf]; Greek: Μέμφις) was the ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch, the first nome of Lower Egypt. Its ruins are located near the town of Mit Rahina, 20 km (12 mi) south of Cairo.

According to legend related by Manetho, the city was founded by the pharaoh Menes. Capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, it remained an important city throughout ancient Mediterranean history. It occupied a strategic position at the mouth of the Nile delta, and was home to feverish activity. Its principal port, Peru-nefer, harboured a high density of workshops, factories, and warehouses that distributed food and merchandise throughout the ancient kingdom. During its golden age, Memphis thrived as a regional centre for commerce, trade, and religion.

At modern-day Medici University the ancient site of Memphis is reached by traveling up the waters of the Eleonora Slough. Begin your journey at Neeva Torok's studio at Maria-4. Swim in a southwesterly direction past Collaboratopolis and the Museum Installations of Moto & Dai. Continue up the slough passing under the Bacon Barista Bridge (B3). Continue following the waters of the slough in a Westerly direction. After you pass under the large span of the Bridge Brewing Co (B2C) you will arrive at the headwaters of the slough. From this large basin you will see Mount Eleonora with the large carvings of Vladimir Putin, Katy Perry & Barack Obama.

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