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You might have heard I was a princess. Parties. Clothes. Luxury. Some liken me to Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. I prefer Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana. I did take what joys I could in a life that offered little choice. Yes I had it far easier than most. But 21st century poor have luxuries 16th century princesses never dreamt of.

It's true. My cousin Lenora and I were both murdered by my brother. Nice guy. I shan't speak his name.

Easy or hard, the minutes of above ground life are palpable. Once that existence is extinguished, your time below ground is of a very different nature. I've been gone for nearly 4-1/2 centuries. That time was neither fast nor slow. It was other.

Thanks to a very interesting project, #1850charla, I find myself unexpectedly back. However much you might think you love life, try losing yours and getting a surprising 2nd chance. It is extraordinary.

Palazzo Medici - Assassins Creed

Palazzo Medici (from Assassins Creed) My home with(out mostly) Paolo Orsini

I used to love things like riding and hunting. Yet now in my resurrection I find myself considering how things went so very wrong and how a culture could be so fundamentally misogynistic. I have become a vegetarian.

I contrast my love of riding, dancing, parties, parades, carnival, with the shocking amount of time you all spend in front of flat panels! I believe you all need to move more. And so my first action is to open a virtual gym where you can work on your projects in the cloud at the same time that you exercise on a treadmill. I hope you'll visit soon!
Izzy's Gym

Next I noticed how education has become a place of misplaced motivators. The extrinsic motivators of grades and diplomas have replaced the intrinsic motivation of learning, knowledge, and life experience. And so I invite you to consider an alternative MFA program:
Medici University

You are welcome to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Warmest personal regards,

Isabella Medici

Izzy 1564 / 2014

Isabella 1564 / Izzy 2014