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In 1990 an average year of Graduate School cost USD 4,000. By 2010, USD 20,000. How many tens of thousands in debt are you willing to take on for the privilege of jumping through other people's hoops? When will the madness end?

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The simple truth is you can learn more for less in an alternative degree program of your own design. You'll work hard, but it'll be work that's meaningful to you. You'll learn a lot, and you just might change the world.

No Bullshit

No unnecessary hoops. No sucking up for opportunities. Real learning and real achievement are challenging enough. At Medici University we don't believe in putting any extra hoops in your way. Instead of 80% time wasted and 20% real and valuable learing - like most graduate programs - we'll invert that and have at least 80% of your time directly contributing to your future achievements and possibilities.

No Residency

No residency requirement. Work and interact on our virtual campus from anywhere in the world. Your laptop is your gateway to your MFA degree and your future.

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Medici University's inaugural year begins on 1 August 2014. Will you be there?

Now accepting applications from qualified faculty in all areas.
Now accepting applications from prospective students in all MFA disciplines.

Start your future today!
Send applications and inquiries to:

Isabella Medici
Dean, Alternative MFA Programs
Virtual Florence Campus
Medici University

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