Of Roman Roads & Internet Fast Lanes

Up until the mid sixteenth century, the Italian carriage had changed little since the times of ancient Rome. Not much more than a covered wagon, it had little to protect a passenger from the jostles and jolts of the road. It was a slow and unglamorous form of transporatation, not one the fashion-conscious Italian elite would willingly seek out. However, in the the early sixteenth century the Hungarians devised a spring suspension system for carriages. This new invention provided a much faster and smoother ride in coaches described by the Italians as carroza all'ongaresca. And as roads further improved, the coach became an ever greater object of desire.

-- Caroline P. Murphy


Kate Middleton

Where is the desire now?
A horse?
A carriage?
A litter?
Jet travel?
Virtual presence?

Photo: Stepping Stone Momma Blog