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I won't tell anyone your secrets. But just like the 16th century, letters in the 21st century aren't really private. You comments here might be to me, but everybody reads my mail. The clever ones can probably even scrape your info from it. I'd really love to hear from you, just don't write anything especially stupid.

Please don't write about affairs, and if you do so anyway, for heaven's sake, don't sign your name to it. Try not to humiliate anyone. Sometimes people can really hold a grudge. And if you think a flame war or DDoS attack is retribution, you have no idea what true pain can be like.

Thank You!

Thank you to the legions of students, faculty, staff... learners who have made Medici University and Izzy's Gym a reality.

As for this website, MediciPrincess.com is powered by Ghost. Thanks to John O'Nolan, Hannah Wolfe, and all the contributors to the Ghost project. And no, a dead girl using a platform called "Ghost" is not a pun. Ghost just happens to represent freedom & simplicity, things I have come to value in my old age. I love that on Ghost you write in Markdown, a format that is definitely about freedom & simplicity. I'd love Markdown even if Blake Irving had written it. The fact that Aaron Swartz was a major contributor only makes using it even sweeter. Aaron was born 410 years after my death, and he died 1 year before my Twitter Resurrection. We've never been topside at the same time. But I feel his presence. I love the work he did and the life he led.

The MediciPrincess.com theme is Sticko by Damián Muti. Damián not only designed a very cool, and free and open, theme, but he was also very generous in helping me set it up. When I thanked him for his generosity he said he just wanted to give something back to a community that had been so supportive and inspiring to him.


You'll see my social links on the home page here. If you'd like to email me directly, it's Isabella.Medici@MediciUniversity.co.uk

Or just fill in this handy contact form:

Ponte Vecchio in Florence cover-image

Visit me in Florence!

And if you're ever in Florence, by all means do look me up. It would be my great pleasure to give you a personal tour of Baroncelli Villa & Palazzo Medici. Also, let me know what instruments you play. I have a very exciting performance coming up...